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Our commitment to your health and safety

To ensure the safety and protection of our clients’ health, we are implementing strict protocols that adhere by the latest standards set out by State of California Guidelines.

Studio Floor

We will limit the number of staff and clients within the general studio floor layout.

1. The layout of the gym floor and specific workout areas has been reconfigured to enable clients and staff to keep at least 6 feet apart while training.

2. Restricted number of clients allowed in specific areas.

3. Clients will be required to leave the premises after they have completed their training session.

1. We will tailor training sessions to include only exercises that do not require physical contact between the trainer and the client/s including setup and use of equipment.

2. We will limit the number of clients per session. Where there are multiple clients, we will ensure adequate spacing in maintained and provide each client with their own disinfected exercise equipment.

3. Until regulations allow, we will not be offering boxing pad work, sparring, or like activities.

Distance Training

We are directing all personal trainers and clients to keep 6 feet of distance between each other during personal training sessions.


Studio spaces and exercise equipment will be cleaned and recorded with detergent and disinfectant every hour. Hard surfaces will be cleaned with a disinfectant containing >70% alcohol, quaternary ammonium compounds, and bleach.

1. All clients will be required to wear a mask upon entry and exit. Wearing a mask during your workout is optional however all staff will be required to wear a mask.

2.All exercise equipment will be wiped down with disinfectant before and after use.

3. Doorknobs, machines, and gym equipment will be cleaned and disinfected frequently.

4. Clients are required to wash hands or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer upon arrival.

5. Clients must use a clean towel each time they attend their session.

6. Clients must bring extra towels to lay on equipment benches and seats.

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